Thank you to all of our teams who attended a CHEERpros Summer Camp! Please let us know when you need new material or stunt workshop. Teams unable to attend who would like additional game material, please contact


What will we learn at Camp!


  1. Start with Motion Technique! Your team will learn the proper arm placement for motions and the importance of hitting those motions sharp!

  2. Jump Technique! Get your team up and off the ground jumping with the correct technique to enhance their height and flexibility in jumps!

  3. Stunt Technique! Be confident that your team will be stunting with the proper technique for all levels from novice to advance. Your team will be taught the importance of progression and safety.

Sideline Cheers – Cheers to get your crowd yelling to root your team on!

Sideline Dances – Quick sideline dances to entertain your crowd during time-outs and half-times!

Camp Dance – Fun Cheer Pros Camp Dance that you can perform for your school at Pep Rallies and Games!

Stunts-Pyramids-Tosses – Once your team has the proper technique for stunting, they’ll be taught what to do with it as they learn how to stunt, build pyramids and throw basket tosses sky high! Learn pyramids customized for your team’s size and level!

Spirit Games & Team Building – Get to know your teammates and start your team building and unity now! Set personal & team goals for the year. And have fun with Cheer Pros Staff with Spirit Games!